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Fearless and unstoppable women who are living the life they choose by smashing glass ceilings in their careers and past-times shared their stories at the inaugural Get A Grip of the Grind Festival in Bright NE Victoria on the 22 – 24 February 2019.

It was an AWESOME weekend of women adventurous in life and career fuelling festival-goers with energy, passion and a can-do attitude to realise their own ambitions, big or small.

You can still browse the 2019 collection of speakers, workshops and outdoor activities here as we curate the 2020 festival. If you have some ideas or are keen to be involved, just get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

After an OUTSTANDING weekend of experiences from this 2019 festival, you can rest assured that us attendees will be putting the word out for 2020! The whole experience exceeded my expectation; the adventure activities were fabulous and the quality of the guest speakers, extremely impressive and personable. And… you couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting, nor more perfect weather for the weekend! Thank you for the unfathomable amount of work that went into organising such an invigorating, refreshing and enlightening weekend! It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet many other like-minded women. A month on, the insights and learnings that I took away from the weekend still prove a powerful additional lens in my day to day life! I can’t wait until next year!  Sharlene Tattersall

This event is so critical for women as they go thru each phase of their career by expanding the “bandwidth” to cope more, BE more of who they want to be & truly address what it means to be authentic as they journey thru both life & work changes.
Great on so many levels.  Vicky Jamieson

What an absolutely amazing weekend that was. The adventure activities really got me out of my comfort zone in a supportive environment. I did mountain biking, trail running and abseiling. I was very inspired listening to the speakers from all different back grounds from magistrates to mountaineers. The workshops also offered practical takeaways that could be used on a day to day basis. There was something for everyone including financial, career, relationships, emotional well-being and personal values. There was so much value packed into the weekend. It was worth every penny and more! Come along and bring your friends. Carly Mckay

The 2019 Speakers

We have gathered an exhilarating mix of ordinary women achieving extraordinary things who'll bare their souls to you over the weekend.
Dip in to their profiles, surf their websites and start working out how to maximise your exposure to inspiration, information and outdoor adventure activities dedicated to you this weekend.
For a summary of all speakers, click here.

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