About the Festival

Be inspired by fearless and unstoppable women who live the life they choose.  Smashing glass ceilings in their careers and past-times.  Hear their stories, be infected by their passion, test your mettle and get fuelled to realise your own dreams.

Get A Grip of the Grind Festival is on 22-24 February 2019 in Bright NE Victoria.  A weekend of women adventurous in life and career sharing their hard earned wisdom and hacks as they live their dreams.  A collection of speakers, workshops and outdoor activities fills the weekend in the foothills of the Alpine National Park.

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Meet the Speakers

We have gathered an exhilarating mix of ordinary women achieving extraordinary things who'll bare their souls to you over the weekend.
Dip in to their profiles, surf their websites and start working out how to maximise your exposure to inspiration, information and outdoor adventure activities dedicated to you this weekend.
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Meet the Sponsors

Corporate Adventure

Our process on creating Breakthrough Experiences.

1. Built in Partnership

Our high impact programs are built in partnership with our clients to fully meet the their specific requirements.

2. Aim to be Curious

We aim to be curious beyond the symptoms of the request, so we can support more fundamental growth and development.

3. Formal and Experiential Learning

We deliver a blend of formal and experiential learning, interactive facilitated activities, individual and team coaching, and a range of diagnostic tools.

4. Breakthrough Experiences

This culminates in achieving memorable breakthrough experiences to realise personal potential.

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