This accommodation property is very close to our secret HQ. Julie has offered a great deals. Contact her directly and let her know you’re with the Get A Grip of the Grind festival and she’ll give you a sweet deal.
The magnificently appointed individual villas of Chalets Lumineux are situated in lush spacious surrounds of lawns and gardens. With the privacy you will appreciate these villas have all the features you could need to forget the rush of today’s world and just totally unwind.  The manicured gardens present each season in its own magnificent glory with the vibrant colors of autumn, the freshness of spring, the fun of summer and the tranquillity of winter. We are conveniently located next to the Bright Country Golf Club and the iconic Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail for those who want to walk, jog or bike ride or hop across the road to Get A Grip of the Grind HQ!