Juggling a corporate career and the usual busy family life, Deb worked tirelessly to educate her children, save hard for retirement, care for her ageing father, and be a role model of stability. In her 50th year, having achieved her goals, she decided it was ‘her’ time.  She resigned from her well-paying job to satisfy an urge to volunteer. Not one to follow conventional methods, Deb went to Africa with an international NGO, living in a Backpackers in Malawi for 6 months. Unable to resume her “conventional” life after she returned, and, despite the fact that she had never ridden a motorcycle, Deb jumped at the opportunity to ride across the Freedom Highway in Tibet to Everest Base Camp with her partner Bill. Not only did she thrive on her adventures, her growing confidence spread to all other aspects of her life. It is this experience that she wants to share with others who are caught up in society’s conventions of what a mother, a wife or a career woman should be. Deb will blast convention to smithereens!