Get a Grip of the Grind is an antidote to contemporary life, offering women professional development in an adventurous setting. Women are prone to putting themselves last and often taking a hit to their careers in order to raise families, over the years this erodes confidence, lowers resilience, and elevates the imposter syndrome compounded by our always-on narcissistic trending culture.  When women put themselves first, they get unwarranted labels and judgement about their choices.

We launched three programs in Australia offering unique opportunities to pull women out of the grind to take back control of their lives and careers.

Annual FestivalDare to be your boldest you

Bi-annual retreat – Small group, Big insight, Uncommon wisdom

The AIFE seriesFinding your Fierce

About the Festival

Fearless and unstoppable women who are living the life they choose by smashing glass ceilings in their careers and past-times shared their stories at the inaugural Get A Grip of the Grind Festival in Bright NE Victoria on the 28 Feb to 1 Mar 2020. 2019 was an AWESOME weekend of women adventurous in life and career fuelling festival-goers with energy, passion and a can-do attitude to realise their own ambitions, big or small.

How it Works The festival will have the same format as last year: You’ll buy a festival ticket ($150 – $170).  This ticket will get you a $350 coupon so you can book into activities and workshops over the weekend.  If you need more than the $350 coupon, you can top up using a credit card, that’s when you pay with real money. Without the initial festival ticket, you won’t be able to attend anything as you’ll get no coupon, and you can’t use your credit card.

The Format We run parallel streams of adventure activities in the morning and professional development workshops in the afternoon.  There are inspirational speakers throughout the day. You have to tailor make your own schedule for the weekend from a master one released in January. When you have breakfast, lunch and dinner are up to you. Check the schedule here. You cannot attend everything! How exhausted you become, is in your hands 😉

Get Some Help Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Answer a few questions and we’ll give you a list of people we think might be able to help.  These sessions are pre-booked and pre-paid and each coach has a very limited number of spaces available. So get your booking in quick!

Festival Chief and Founder, Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher

Last year’s festival really challenged people to move beyond their boundaries and detonate those self-limiting beliefs we all hold dear! All of the sponsors are in again for year two. Our facilitators got so much from it personally, they are returning also. AWESOME!!! My year has seen me have my first heli snowboarding experience in Canada, tackle the rocks in Alice Springs on a mountain bike (ouch), and get into the throws of permanent part time work. I’ve learned a lot about my mindset whilst undertaking a Quality Mind program. All great insightful experiences to share with you in 2020. Can’t wait to hear how your year went and meet those you wish to share the festival with. My favourite book right now is practical, but the title gets me every time “Feel the fear and Do it Anyway”. 


After an OUTSTANDING weekend of experiences from this 2019 festival, you can rest assured that us attendees will be putting the word out for 2020! The whole experience exceeded my expectation; the adventure activities were fabulous and the quality of the guest speakers, extremely impressive and personable. And… you couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting, nor more perfect weather for the weekend! Thank you for the unfathomable amount of work that went into organising such an invigorating, refreshing and enlightening weekend! It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet many other like-minded women. A month on, the insights and learnings that I took away from the weekend still prove a powerful additional lens in my day to day life! I can’t wait until next year!  Sharlene Tattersall

This event is so critical for women as they go thru each phase of their career by expanding the “bandwidth” to cope more, BE more of who they want to be & truly address what it means to be authentic as they journey thru both life & work changes.
Great on so many levels.  Vicky Jamieson

What an absolutely amazing weekend that was. The adventure activities really got me out of my comfort zone in a supportive environment. I did mountain biking, trail running and abseiling. I was very inspired listening to the speakers from all different back grounds from magistrates to mountaineers. The workshops also offered practical takeaways that could be used on a day to day basis. There was something for everyone including financial, career, relationships, emotional well-being and personal values. There was so much value packed into the weekend. It was worth every penny and more! Come along and bring your friends. Carly Mckay

The 2020 Speakers

Our speaker lineup for 2019 was an exhilarating mix of ordinary women achieving the extraordinary. Click here to see them. They blew us away with their devil may care attitude as they chased their dreams all over the world. 2020 speakers and hosts will be uploaded as they commit!

Meet the Sponsors

Corporate Adventure

Our process on creating Breakthrough Experiences.

1. Built in Partnership

Our high impact programs are built in partnership with our clients to fully meet the their specific requirements.

2. Aim to be Curious

We aim to be curious beyond the symptoms of the request, so we can support more fundamental growth and development.

3. Formal and Experiential Learning

We deliver a blend of formal and experiential learning, interactive facilitated activities, individual and team coaching, and a range of diagnostic tools.

4. Breakthrough Experiences

This culminates in achieving memorable breakthrough experiences to realise personal potential.

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