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Bring your team together to set its future path for optimal team performance. Leverage individual preferences, team diagnostic and experiential activities

  • Team performance review
  • Experiential team work activities
  • *Command challenge and debrief
  • Adventure activities that highlight reactions and coach alternate responses
  • Improve skill in real-time
  • Business Planning and actions plans
  • Tailored team workshops on request
  • Additional or extended activities on request


Rejuvenate your leadership team by reconnecting with personal motivators, your leadership legacy and strategic priorities of the business in an adventurous setting

  • Reflective practice on default behavioural patterns
  • Strategic or business planning
  • *Command challenge and debrief
  • Your leadership legacy
  • Making decisions in ambiguity
  • Team action plan
  • Tailored team workshops on request
  • Extended activities on request


Reconnect with what drives you to action, check-in on your mindset and values, and shape a new path for your future

  • Behavioural and lifestyle diagnostic
  • Values audit
  • Making decisions in ambiguity
  • Lifestyle mindset review
  • Personal action plan
  • Adventure activity and debrief

How it works

  • Team optimisation 
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Personal revival
  • Get in touch if you need something different
  • DISC 
  • Workplace Motivators
  • Stress Quotient
  • EQ
  • MBTI
  • Energy audit – free
  • We have recommendations for each program
  • Abesiling
  • Caving
  • Crevassing
  • Canyoning
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Pack rafting
  • Snow-shoeing
  • Note not all activities can be done in a 1 day program
  • Activities can be swopped for a command challenge

For a one day program 2-4 hours would be spent on an activity, and 4 hours on the development element of the program.

For 2 days+ we would discuss options regarding steps of activities and their length as well as specific workshops you’d like to run such as strategic or business planning, team dynamics, vision, mission and values, business reviews, lessons learnt etc.

We can accommodate overnight hikes.

Logistics & Rates


19 – 20 March 2022

14 – 15 May 2022

18 – 19 June 2022

16 – 17 July 2022

Get in touch if you prefer other dates and have a group





Other locations on request


$550 per person per day

10% group discount

Lunch is always included

We can arrange accommodation, dinners and other overnight requirements. 

The Team


Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher GAICD

Eibhlin loves daring her physical and mental boundaries in the outdoors.  She believes in ‘I can’ way more than ‘I can’t’.  She is passionate about infusing others to dare their boundaries so they get closer to maximising their career and life potential.

Her career path has been circuitous, finding her flow in coaching leaders and teams, as well as strategic and corporate planning, and facilitation.  She knows first hand that a poor system or process will not deliver results regardless of how intelligent or dedicated the people are.  She has a flair for connecting with people during times of change, making concepts a reality, being candid with her clients, but on their side.  Eibhlin is focused on achieving results and believes partnering with organisational leaders is essential to success.

Prior to moving to Australia, she accelerated the transformation of Rolls Royce Plc, Civil Aerospace Operations to a lean manufacturing facility.  She gained executive experience in the Local and State Government Sector in Australia; delivering values based change management programs and implementing strategic planning and reporting frameworks.

Eibhlin has a BSc from the University of Limerick, Ireland, and PhD in Chemistry (on catalytic convertors in cars), from the University of Reading, England.  She completed the Australian Company Director’s Course.


Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides Australia

Adventure Guides Australia is our primary partner for delivering adventure activities throughout Victoria. Adventure Guides Australia(AGA) is an outdoor experience company owned by long-time local and well travelled adventurer David Chitty. David has an extensive team of accomplished guides who are active in the outdoors all year round.

AGA, as a Parks Victoria Licensed Tour Operator, has been offering incredible and unique outdoor experiences on Mount Buffalo and throughout Northeast Victoria since 1985. They also have great adventures in other parts of Victoria around Warburton, Ringwood and Forrest. AGA has an outstanding safety record, pioneering safety systems and protocols for the sector as they encourage people to adventure into the natural world.

Adventure Guides Australia also operate Mt Buffalo Ski School throughout the winter months. 

Outdoor experiences

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