Is the festival going ahead in 2020?

Yes it is.  28 Feb to 1 March 2020, in Bright NE Victoria.  The address is 441 Back Porepunkah Road, Bright. Connect with us on facebook or instagram @getagripofthegrind to stay up to date. Or register on our data base by emailing Contact

Where is Bright?

Bright is a regional town in NE Victoria.  It’s about 3.5 hours from Melbourne by car, via the Hume Highway.  The nearest regional airport is Albury, about 90 mins drive from Bright.

What’s the deal with accommodation?

Bright has a multitude of accommodation offerings.  Anything from camping or backpacking to motels, houses and cabins.  We have some accommodation partners on our website who are offering amazing deals. Otherwise you can try Brightescapes or the Visitor Information Centre.  Homeaway or AirBnB host lots of properties on their websites.

What will stop me from attending?

Well that’s a million dollar question.  The grind is very sticky.  I’ve hear stories like “my partner didn’t want to be left alone for the weekend with the kids!  Work booked some meetings in over the day I had booked off (take Friday 28th Feb off and make a proper weekend of it FGS), I can’t find anyone to look after my kids!  Partner’s gone fishing with matesIt requires too much preparation from me(Try MarleySpoon or FreshEats)

Put yourself first to reconnect to what’s important to you, learn a little about yourself and get inspired to live the life you dare. That’s what the weekend is about. So what if someone doesn’t eat they way you’d like (or at all) for the weekend or you’re missed, see it as time when they learn all about what you do for those in your life.

NOTE: However, if you don’t sign a waiver at check in or don’t wear your wristband all weekend, you may be denied access to your activity / workshop!

What’s the schedule of events?

Registration is from 1 pm onwards on Friday 28 Feb 2020.  We will run a selection of activities, workshops and guest speakers, and have a night film (once the sun sets) of adventurous, pioneering women on loan from the Adventure Travel Film Festival (which is the previous weekend!).

The master schedule will be finalised late Jan early Feb 2020 and booking your place on outdoor activities and workshops will open about the same time.  There will be inspirational speakers, outdoor activities and personal/ professional development opportunities on EVERY day.  As it’s Feb i.e. hot, we’ll schedule most of the adventure activities in the mornings!  Be prepared for early starts!

Festival closing time is 3 pm on Sunday.

There is a draft schedule on our website and facebook page @getagripofthegrind in November.

What do I get with my ticket?

Great question. Your ticket gets you

  • Access to the master schedule (coming soon) from which you can plan your own personal itinerary,
  • Around $350 virtual grind dollars to spend in the online store,
  • An open air cinema showing on the Friday night,
  • An evening networking soiree to live music on the Saturday where you can swop stories, about your experiences and get to know other festival goers,
  • Ability to pay for short private sessions with facilitators offering one on one time throughout the festival.  You can do this at the registration desk.
  • Lots and lots of inspiring talks and Hour of Power personal impact sessions.

No accommodation, food or beverages are included in the ticket. We will endeavour to run a limited tuck shop on site this year.

How does the ticketing work?

We are only selling one ticket, a general admission ticket.  Your general admission ticket comes with $350 virtual grind dollars.

The virtual dollars will be released to you via a code (early Feb 2020) that you can use to ‘reserve’ a place on the activities and workshops listed and priced using virtual grind dollars in our online store.

Each activity and workshop is capacity limited either due to health and safety (mainly outdoor activities) or for maximum impact by keeping ratio of facilitators to participants to ensuring quality outcomes for you.

What happens if I run out of Grind Dollars?

Not a problem, just top up your credit card and continue shopping!

What might a typical weekend look like for a festival goer?

Design your own weekend away at Get A Grip of the Grind. Rock up on Friday afternoon for 1 pm to check in, sign a waiver and collect your wristband.  Without the waiver or the wristband you won’t be able to attend any of the sessions!  You could choose to do the Values Alignment Workshop first thing then Archery, in addition to listening to one of the inspirational speakers before you set up for the open air cinema from 8.30 pm.

Saturday morning, maybe do the caving or hiking (you can’t do both), you could then do career counselling or Who’s driving your bus (you can’t do both) session.  You can squeeze in a few speakers as well.  Then, enjoy the networking soiree to live music in the grounds of a private estate with a bar to quench your thirst and a couple of great local food vendors.

On Sunday, you could fill you boots with just speakers or top up your credit card and book in to another professional development session or outdoor activity.  That’s if there is capacity ?  The last session is a panel discussion and Q&A with some of the speakers, instructors and facilitators! You can of course just do all outdoor adventure activities or all professional development sessions. Your choice.

Where can I see the activities and workshops listed?

Once they are set up you’ll have access through the ticket tab on the website.

Do I have to do any professional development workshops?

No. If you’re coming for the adventure activities only you can just book yourself in to those.  Likewise if you don’t fancy the outdoor adventure activities, you can just gorge on the personal and professional development workshops. Presentations / lectures are open for anyone to attend, no reservations needed.

What are the accessibility considerations with the venues and outdoor activities on offer at the festival?

All our venues are accessible for people with disabilities, including wheelchair users. There is a short step in to the main hall but this will be ramped, but without a handrail. It is a new venue, currently under development, we just got in early with our festival. Most of the workshops will be outdoors in the garden under beautiful grand old trees, so bumpy under foot and wheel, though reasonably flat. Unfortunately, accessible toilets are not available at the main building. There are accessible public toilets of a very high standard, in Bright, about 1.5 km away.

Should you require accessible parking, please get in touch with us so we can reserve a spot for you close to the main hall.

With respect to the outdoor adventure activities, all of the operators support participation of people with disabilities. However, we ask that anyone with a disability contact us to ensure we can support your full participation.

If you have any other questions, just send us an email at [email protected] or ring the organiser on 0437 194 745.