Festival 2021 infographic

Want to be sure of getting a ticket for next year? For just $10 you can secure that spot to be in the queue to buy your festival ticket when they are released early October. We’ll credit you the $10 so you win win!

The 2022 festival is on the weekend of the 25-27 February. Plenty of notice to book it out and make the arrangements, as well as bring some friends with you.

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Me at the top of Half Dome after finishing Snake Dike
Me on the shoulder of Half Dome

If you like what you’re reading why not join us for our annual Get A Grip of the Grind festival held the last weekend in February in Bright, NE Victoria (25-27 Feb 2022) and get your own epiphanies. Our podcast AIFE tells tales about women who are rocking their world. As we learn to live with Covid our weekend warrior programs have recommenced as part of The AIFE Series. You can join us on one of these weekend adventures which can be found on our website.

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