Festival Wrap-up 2020

This quote stopped me when I stumbled across it 

I’m not accepting the things I cannot change.  I’m changing the things I cannot accept.

Angela Davis
Academic, Author, Activist

It’s a bold and daring statement, scary and liberating and an honestly hairy goal to live by. My trust over the festival weekend is that you, as an attendee, get back control over what it is you cannot accept in your life.  That you dare to be you, in all your glory! Whether that be in your relationships (Kick ‘em off your bus @Larry Cohen), getting out of your demotivating career, adjusting your mindset to focus on the positive and present, or simply inspiration from those that do chase their small and big ambitions.

Jumping off Cliffs

Our tagline of Dare to Be the Boldest You has seen me jump off many metaphorical cliffs in taking Get A Grip of the Grind to where it is today, including #justdoit when it came to getting the whole thing started!  To be true to the ‘Call to Action’ I had to dare to be bold, be the role model and keep myself in touch with what it feels like to take those leap of faiths. 

Setting Goals

Peeking at your festival goal cards, some are neither big, hairy nor audacious.  Many of you wrote simple (but difficult) actions in your commitment cards 

  1. Exercise (a habit), 
  2. Make healthy eating a habit, 
  3. Write daily (a habit) 
  4. Meditate daily (a habit)
  5. More thinking time (a habit)

Claim back control of your time

Whilst they are literally no conquering Everest goals, they are your Everest.  They all require daily commitment (a habit) in an already busy environment – which is where being pedantic about your time becomes your superpower. Yet in our jam packed world as it was in Feb, these are a huge challenge, specially as you step back in to your families/careers.  

You are the only one who can put the handbrake on. Get assertive about claiming your time, and putting that self-care first so you are better able to deal with your grumpy staff, psycho kids or partner craving attention, when they loom around you. 

Some of you have made bit commitments too 

  1. Leave work, 
  2. Buy a home, 
  3. Ski black diamonds,
  4. Get my bus moving in the right direction, 
  5. Find an adventure.
Trying a new skill of Fly Fishing

Your Covid Intentions

Much of the prep work for these can be done now.  Get your core & aerobic strength up Ms Diamond Black Skier or buy online ski blades for use on the road!  Research for the other goals above and #justdoit for moving your bus in the right direction.  

Remember your goal cards will be posted at the end of May. Know that Covid is a blimp in the road of a very long life.  It may have delayed you reaching some of your goals, however it has gifted you time to plan and prepare to the best of your ability, acquire a skill, get those habits engrained.  Don’t waste it. What is your Covid intention that will get you closer to your goal?

Plenty of workshops to guide you to the right decisions for you

Bring 4 Buddies to 2021

See you at the festival in 2021, with about 4 of your buddies, my task to you, as we need to get the numbers up significantly for the festival to operate for you and all the amazing facilitators that believe in its impact.

Meet friends from last year, AND make new ones.

If you like what you read, try our other blogs, download our podcast AIFE ACTIONS (releasing in May) where we listen to people telling us how they have changed their lives by taking back control and daring to be bold. Join us on one of our bi-annual retreats or come see us at our annual Get A Grip of the Grind festival last week in Feb. Details all on our website.

Dare to be bold!

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