Bored, stuck, needing some adventure or just want to get off the hamster wheel for a weekend dedicated just to you? 


Invest in yourself this weekend. You’re worth it. Your family will love you for it, and your colleagues and employer will reap the benefits of your new found zest for your career and life.


Over 3 days in the stunning surrounds of Bright, NE Victoria, women are offered access to personal and professional development experts exploring their potential, and outdoor adventures that boost their confidence and fearless. Take your pick from inspirational speakers, professional development workshops, and adventure activities (e.g. caving, archery, abseiling, kayaking) designed to pull you out of the grind and pave the way to a more deliberate and fulfilling life. 

25 - 27 Feb 2022


Be inspired by women who forge their own path in work and life. Listen to their stories, share in their passion as they push personal and professional limits to shape a new future.

Personal Insights

Unlock performance blockers and fearlessly exploit your strengths

Mindset Check-in

Deepen awareness of your self-limiting mindsets and behaviours

Find your Fierce

Unleash your courage and confidence with challenging outdoor adventures

Burnout Tonic

Unmask you personal motivators and stress habits

Festival Format!

Friday outline 2022

  • Front desk opens 1.00  pm at Bright Community Centre, 1 Railway Parade, Bright
  • Formal opening and keynote speaker at 2.00 pm
  • Join your adventure activities or workshops
  • Friday evening 8:30 pm is a starlight showing of adventure movie shorts courtesy of the Adventure Travel Film Festival
  • BYO picnic and blanket for starlight showing

Saturday outline 2022

  • Mega choice day
  • Adventure activities from 6:00 am
  • Lunchtime break to refuel and rehydrate
  • Afternoon professional development workshops
  • Inspirational speaker sessions all day
  • Evening networking soiree int Bright Brewery with live music

Sunday outline 2022

  • Adventure activities from 7 am (bit of a sleep in)
  • Speakers & development workshops
  • Goal setting finale with facilitators
  • Q & A panel of speakers and workshops hosts
  • Grand raffle draw
  • Festival closing at 3 pm.  
  • Dare to be bold as you return to your new normal, inspired and ready to kick ass!


Each ticket gets you $300 festival dollars + More


Invest in yourself!
  • 3-day weekend
  • Professional development
  • Outdoor adventure experiences


Bring your tribe!
$ 230 PER PERSON (MIN 5 persons)
  • Laugh with your tribe
  • Adventure together
  • Explore the wilderness


Time for self care
$ 175 PER PERSON with coupon
  • Detox from the grind
  • Nurture your brain and body
  • Recover your patience
thank you


Grow your relationship!
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Adventure together
  • Nature fix



Do some real bonding!
$ 5300 PER TEAM (UP TO 6)
  • Team bonding & performance
  • Festival tickets
  • Friday AM facilitated workshop OR team bonding activity
  • Choose your topic & facilitator
  • Team lunch on Friday after workshop/bonding
  • Picnic Hamper for starlight showing
  • Saturday night soiree dinner ticket
  • Twin share accommodation
On sale now


Invest in your performers!
  • Personal insights
  • Festival ticket
  • Private 1-1 coaching
  • Coach of choice
  • Festival guide buddy
  • Saturday night soiree dinner ticket
  • Accommodation included
  • 5% discount off annual retreats



Eibhlin Fletcher

Get A Grip of the Grind Champion
Festival Founder | Facilitator

Moving to Australia from Ireland in 2004 she initially worked in strategy and corporate planning following 8 years as an emissions technologist and 7 years tertiary study. Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher found her flow in coaching leaders and teams – where the first ideas for Get a Grip of the Grind germinated. Many of those she coached were sacrificing what kept them motivated through poor lifestyle choices as they juggled family demands, career pressures and conventional expectations. Daily habits were eroding resilience at work and home, and debilitating their ability to make good decisions. Performance ultimately suffered, and so too did personal happiness and relationships.

Eibhlin has a life-long love of daring and adventure, which has included; hang gliding around Europe; representing Ireland in Duathlon; rock climbing Yosemite National Park’s world renown Snake Dyke route; adventure racing and endurance events. During her time as an executive coach she realised the powerful combination of adventuring in the outdoors had on her mental health and performance in the workplace. Adventuring in nature is now a cornerstone of Get A Grip of the Grind Programs.

She is raising two independent, resilient and confident daughters with her husband Nick, who is also keen on the outdoors and personal fulfilment.

Jacinta Munro

HR Director | Bulla
Festival Wanderer | Risk taker | Facilitator

Jac is a strategic and hands-on HR leader who has worked across a number of industries and organisations, and currently leads People and Culture with iconic Australian dairy business, Bulla. She finds professional joy in seeing the extent to which an organisation’s values and culture come to life through the human interactions that transpire across the business.  She aspires to find balance in the joy of times of adventure, travel and exploration with her husband and teenage girls, and looks forward to seeing them continue to grow into great humans.

Katrina Streatfeild

Counselling and Clinical Psychologist
Festival Founder | Ambassador | Facilitator

Katrina walked up to me following a talk I gave just asking ‘in’ to Get A Grip of the Grind as our work deeply resonated with her! How could I refuse? The trade off – she wanted access to adventures. Easy deal and our partnership has been awesome. 


Katrina brings 25 years of experience in child and adult assessment and intervention for trauma, burnout, women’s health and mental health disorders, child & family work and supervision of psychology trainees and registrars. As well as consulting to us, Katrina has founded two regional psychology clinics and worked or consulted in NFP, corporate and government spaces. Her self care is a priority so riding motorbikes and camping in the bush feature as much as possible in her downtime from work and family. 


She completed her Masters of Psychology at Monash University and is currently completing her PhD (ADF Veteran Parenting in the context of PTSD, CPTSD and Moral Injury) at the University of Newcastle, under scholarship of Australian Rotary Health and the RSL. One of two of our Ambassadors reading PhDs. We think she’s a rock star and so will you.

Author of Australian Women Pilots

Kathy Mexted

Author | Photographer | Editor & Writer
Festival Rookie | Speaker

Kathy Mexted is a writer, photographer and magazine editor. She is also the author of Australian Women Pilots, a collection of stories on ten incredible Australian women. When not staring into a laptop or camera, Kathy is running after her family, talking to her sheep and promising herself she’ll get back into an aeroplane soon. A late starter to her current career, she has found herself in a happy place after quite a few career changes and an interesting encounter with a psychologist.

Laura Gray

Marketing Manager | Outdoor Enthusiast | Mum
Festival Pioneer | Speaker

Originally from the flat lands and temperate climate of Perth, WA, Laura made her way around the world via Kilkenny, Ireland, and Melbourne, before finding her happy place in the mountains of Bright, Victoria.
After 14 years working in newsrooms and corporate environments, battling city traffic and hours-long commutes, Laura & her husband made a tree-change to seek a better life for themselves and their young daughter in a place where they could enjoy their shared passions for mountain-biking and skiing.
 Laura is now enjoying a much richer life with her family, working in an organisation driven by values she shares, and has happily found her tribe in the active, adventure-seeking community of her new hometown.
A Festival Pioneer, Laura attended the first festival after she was gifted a ticket, and has returned every year since, motivated by the force of nature that is Eibhlin, and the desire to teach her daughter the importance of creating space in the world for herself. 
In 2021, Laura will share her experiences of uprooting her family from their strong familial links in Melbourne and why she sacrificed a stable, prosperous life in search of happiness and simplicity.

Chris Vincent

Beekeeper | Mountaineer
Festival Rookie | Facilitator

Besides being an avid traveller including trekking to K2 base camp, and even going to North Korea! – Chris is an enthusiastic beekeeper with over 10 years’ experience. He started out with 1 hive, which quickly became 2 and escalated to nearly 50 at one stage. His honey is sold under Lucky Dog Honey.

Join him to get a hands-on introduction to a bee colony, learn about its social structure and discover the role of the beekeeper through the changing seasons. Gain the confidence to start your own hive! – or just be brave enough to hold some bees!

Kelly Van den Berg

Pro-sports Mindset Coach | Backcountry & Split board Guide
Festival Rookie | Facilitator

Kelly is a lead split board guide for the VicAlps Backcountry. Coming from a diverse background of journalism to 20 years of professional sports and performance mindset coaching, Kelly has a strong focus on education, safety awareness and positive psychology. Kelly is furthering her interest in Expedition Medicine with the Antarctic Division later this year. She is also an organising team member with Mountain Safety Collective Victorian Division.

Kelly has a passion for everything board riding (and horses) travelling to the far corners of the world on the trail of finding new waves and mountains to ride. From surfing in Morocco, sand boarding in the Sahara, surfing the adventure trail of Indonesia to split boarding the volcanoes of Japan, Kelly thrives on adventure and wants to share her love of the outdoors with everyone she meets.

Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen

Entrepreneur | Mentor
Festival Pioneer | Wanderer | Facilitator

“The new buzz words are “pivot” and “adapt” but has the essentials of life under covid really changed? Are words like guts, will power, determination and awareness not still vital? I think they are? I think the core essentials of who we are and what makes us tick have not changed. The game has changed, the environment in which we play has changed but our core values and self-awareness should not have changed. In fact now is a time in which to be even more true to oneself, who we surround ourselves with, who we choose as our support team in life and what we strive for ourselves. The new Covid world has forced us to reflect on what is really important, what really makes us tick and how do we get what we want.

My name is Larry Cohen and I am a 56 year old happily married, proud dad of two amazing sons. In short, I was born in South Africa, left there at 18 to spend 8 years in the US whilst on tennis scholarship and playing professionally. I gained a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Psych, came to Aus in 1994 and in 1995 started what was to become one of the biggest fitness businesses in Australia. Step into Life at its peak had 162 franchises in Australia and NZ, generating $25 million a year in fees, but more importantly made a massive impact on the health and fitness of over 12,000 members. On selling it, and taking time off from being in a business, I realised my passion lay in assisting others in business and in life and I could use my professional athlete background, goal setting skills and entrepreneurship, so I also started LMC Consulting which focusses on business coaching and mentoring for small to medium sized businesses.

I am extremely passionate about the Get a Grip of the Grind brand, its values and mission. Taking oneself out of your comfort zone is not innate to most people, help and support is required. The festival is all about providing that support. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Vicky Jamieson

Global Entrepreneur | Vitality Advocate
Ambassador | Festival Pioneer | Facilitator

She’s back for the fourth year. With more than 29 years in the wellness industry, Vicky is still passionate about sharing her wisdom to help women feel vibrant and energised to live a full life. She has featured in wellbeing magazines, been interviewed on HealthRadio in New York and speaks on specialist skin nutrition, lifestyle strategies to avoid burnout and support strategies to guide women through their lifecycle transitions. 

A results orientated wellness mentor and anti ageing expert, her continual adoption of innovative solutions, integrated with traditional methods helps her clients have more energy in the boardroom, at the executive table and for their families. This is instrumental in giving women that ‘energy’ edge personally and professionally. 

Vicky has a busy Melbourne practice, offering both online and in-person consultations, and recently launched a program to guide women to thrive into menopause. She also participates in triathlons, with a bit of yoga & a new love of outdoor hiking inspired by the festival.  

This is Vicky’s fourth year at the festival. She loves Bright, coming up early for sneaky rides / trail runs and some gourmet food before the festival. She thrives on engaging with women, sharing her wisdom and seeing the realisations and hope on their faces when they realise there are solutions out there to help them on their journeys.

Kirsten Seeto

Paraglider Pilot | Tony House Builder
Festival Pioneer | Speaker

Kirsten Seeto has been flying paragliders for 14 years, learning in France and returning back home to Australia soon after. Her journey in this sport has impacted the path her life has taken significantly as it taught her to deal with fear, challenged her to overcome casual sexism in sport and revealed that she is capable of so much more than she realised. 

Pushing her own boundaries, she became highly involved in paragliding at local and state levels and developed a national program to encourage more women to remain active in the sport. Convinced that Tiny Houses were part of the solution to a better work-life balance, she also learned to build on the job and built her own Tiny House 5 years ago. Having navigated the complicated path to remote working, she now lives in her Tiny House in Bright with her Jack Russell dog, Riley, and enjoys hiking, camping and Nordic skiing when not paragliding or working.

Jeannette McGill

Engineer | Mountaineer | Mentor
Festival Pioneer | Ambassador | Facilitator | Guide

Jeannette McGill helps people achieve things they never thought possible. She does this either through her mountain mentorship, the Boards she is on or through technology leadership.
As the first South African woman to climb various of the world’s 8000m mountains, and being the second woman to be issued an underground blasting certificate Dr. Jeannette McGill knows a thing or three about being at the forefront of achieving hard things, especially in underrepresented environments. Jeannette’s career has seen her travel the world both for business and mountaineering. She is located in Bright where her current activities also include mountain biking, geocaching and trying to remember to unmute her Zoom calls. 
Jeannette previously shared her mountaineering journey in a presentation with the Get a Grip for the Grind Festival and this year she and Eibhlin team up to provide a landmark workshop.

Di Astwood

Adventure seeker | Professional | Parent
Festival Pioneer | Speaker

Di and her friend Sam spoke at the festival 2 years ago sharing funny sometimes frustrating but always candid stories on how several mothers with a large collection of kids between them organised themselves to train for the iconic Run Larapinta near Alice Springs. 

Turning 50 this year and wanting to extend the celebrations as much as possible, Di decided more adventures with mates were to be had, setting herself the goal of one adventure with friends or family each month for 2021. Covid paused it a few times so she’s racing into the final month of the year doubling up where possible. Covid also meant she didn’t get to her beloved New Zealand to complete her climatic mountain bike adventure along the Old Ghost Road, New Zealand’s longest single track.

Join Di, and her humour as she shares how she hunted down the monthly celebration events which included pack rafting, mountain biking with her 6 year old son from Wangaratta to Bright and much more. Say yes first, then work the details afterwards is Di’s new motto!.

Marketing Manager for SixPark

Erika Jonsson

Six Park Head of Marketing
Festival Wanderer | Facilitator

Erika is Head of Marketing at Six Park, an online investment service that aims to give every Australian access to professional investment management. She is an accomplished storyteller who has worked in writing and editing for almost 20 years. She studied journalism at RMIT and has worked in rural and suburban newsrooms as well as for the Victorian Government as a ministerial policy adviser. 

During Erika’s time at Six Park, she has become a passionate advocate for women’s financial confidence and has published a white paper to help women learn how to become their own financial superheroes. She also publishes a regular series of articles interviewing women in finance, to showcase the importance of confidence in financial decision-making.

Outside work, Erika is an avid reader, runner and writer, as well as a mother of two boys. One of her proudest achievements is completing a solo marathon in May during Melbourne’s first COVID lockdown, after starting her running journey less than three years earlier. This is her first year at Get A Grip Of The Grind.

Jodie Coall

The Relationship Renovator | Wellness Entrepreneur
The Leaving Coach | Festival Rookie

“You are only one conversation away.” JC helps people disconnect to reconnect through breakaways. Think retreats, with way more fun and adventure, without the fluff or b.s. She is the author of the book ‘We Need To Talk’ with a unique ability to bring the right people, products & programs together to solve problems- fast. She gives you a safe place to speak your truth without judgement and is always forming genuine and authentic connections.

Over the past 20+ years, JC has built an award winning Health & Wellness centre, is a Leaving Coach at her company, Breakup Brilliant: helping you ‘breakup’ with the relationships you have, to have the relationships you want. She also has a business coaching company called Wellbusi (well/business) helping entrepreneurs overcome sabotages, create the right relationships and maximise profit and impact -without sacrificing their personal lives in the process. Jodie owns Mountain Wellness Co. A ‘Jill of all trades’, so to speak. 

She has been an MC at various events including the MCG. ( Melbourne Cricket Ground); is a speaker & leader in the wellness tourism industry, has hosted speed dating, worked at major sporting events, coached kids hockey and has been on several TV commercials, series and movies. JC has facilitated corporate leadership wellness programs and is also an ambassador for a not for profit.


Chief Rippler

Laurice Temple

Ripple Affect Institute Founder and Chief Rippler
Festival Pioneer | Facilitator

Friends and clients tend to describe Laurice as a fiercely passionate, empathetic, and authentic leader who believes that each of us has the ability to change the world…one ripple at a time. 

With an education and background in construction project management, Laurice worked in project management on infrastructure projects in the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia for the first 20 years of my career.  She has spent the last 10 as a board director and now running her consultancy, Ripple Affect Institute. As a consultant Laurice works with clients who want to co-create bespoke solutions around culture, servant leadership, and incorporating wellbeing as a part of their organisational goals. 

This is the third year Laurice will be participating in the Grip of the Grind Festival as she’s a huge supporter of helping other women become their best selves.

Laurice’s character strengths: Curiosity. Love of Learning. Gratitude

Trudy Rankin

Entrepreneur | Online Business Lift-Off
Festival Pioneer | Facilitator

Trudy Rankin has over 15 years of experience in helping people make tough decisions.

People want to make good choices … but sometimes it can be difficult to work through all the impacts those choices might have.  So Trudy uses her deep experience (and a robust framework) to help people get clarity and understand which choices will give them the results they want for their future selves.

In addition, Trudy is an unabashed “online business funnel geek”.  As the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program and community, she loves helping people start, build and grow their own online business or side hustle. Join our OBL Community here.

Trudy is back for her third year at the Get A Grip Of The Grind Festival and is looking forward to helping you make a great decision or come up with an idea for your own business … or both. 

Nicole Jordan

Mental health educator and trainer
Festival Wanderer | Facilitator

Nicole’s passion lies in working with women to build knowledge, confidence and motivation around ways to support their mental health and wellbeing. Safe environments are vitally important to her, safe in terms of people’s physical self and equally in terms of their psychological safety.  Nicole is a Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor and holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Whilst the bulk of her career journey has been in the recreation and community sectors, she now works across a number of industries with her own business Mental Health Education and Training. Nicole is an experienced MHFA Instructor (Master Status), who brings 25 plus years of career experience into her MHFA facilitation, having worked in operations and management across a number of sectors. As a mother of four, including teenagers and twins, Nicole ‘gets’ the pressures of balancing life and career and the impact poor mental health can have. This will be Nicole’s second year at the festival where she not only helps people explore their boundaries but thrives in exploring her own whilst surrounded by amazing and supportive women. Nicole’s character strengths:  Humour. Love of Learning. Perspective. Teamwork. Honesty.

Nick Fletcher

Solving Business Problems through People
Festival Wanderer | Facilitator

Nick is partner at Russell Reynolds Associates, a top five Executive recruitment firm in Australia. He is responsible for some of the youngest female appointed board members to blue chip companies in Australia ever. Each year he gives his time to share insights into gender diversity in the workplace and on boards in addition to what to do and what not to do to progress your career. Festival goers relish in his candid, considered and enlightening approach to his workshops. Many attendees have progressed their careers as a result of attending his intimate sessions.

Nick lives in a female dominated household, all with strong, confident and opinionated personalities that keep him on his toes personally and professionally. Nick also happens to be a talented photographer, and holds the role of chief festival photographer capturing your smiles, friendships and thoughtful moments through the weekend. He fortunate to be married to the festival founder!

Cyclepath Bright

Cyclepath Bright

Happiness is exploring the world by bike
Festival Pioneer | Coach

Cyclepath Bright have been with the festival from the start. Dedicated to getting you on two wheels safely, on or off the road. Cyclepath believe that the road to happiness is best travelled by bike. Feasting on breathtaking scenery, chasing adrenaline or indulging in local delicacies – whatever your happy place is, we’ll get you there. We are dedicated to getting more people riding, on the road or off the road. Bright offers trails for everyone, from pure beginner to the serious mountain biker or hard core road cyclist. 

Our goal at the festival is to put a smile on your face as you conquer up and down hills and learn to be one with your bike and the outdoors, and get you converted to a love of cycling. Our coaches are all qualified and most are state or national level champions of their discipline. 

Adventure Guides Australia

Passionate about the outdoors
Festival Pioneer | Guide

Adventure Guides Australia has been offering amazing outdoor experiences to its clients for more than 30 years. They operate in a range of locations, with particular emphasis in the Mount Buffalo region of northern Victoria, which is their ‘spiritual home’. 

Many thousands of adventurers (families, friends, school kids and solo adventurers) have achieved extraordinary things by joining our adventure programs. From smiles to life changing experiences – Adventure Guides Australia offers you a chance to find yourself in adventure. 

Our experienced leaders are highly trained and have excellent equipment and support so as to provide you with the best possible adventures. All of our adventures comply with the new Australian Adventure Activity Standard and associated Good Practice Guides. We are leading the industry in developing COVID safe practice guidelines.

We are addicted to ensuring everyone has an awesome time at the festival, coaching and coaxing you to make it to the end of whatever challenge or activity you choose to do. It’s exhilarating for us to see you succeed. We know it is also exhilarating and hopefully addictive for you. Additionally, we provide female instructors for the majority of our activities as we recognise the importance of seeing roles models leading our sport.


Bright is a regional town in NE Victoria.  It’s about 3.5 hours from Melbourne by car, via the Hume Highway.  The nearest regional airport is Albury, about 90 mins drive from Bright.

Well that’s a million dollar question.  The grind is very sticky.  I’ve hear stories like “my partner didn’t want to be left alone for the weekend with the kids!  Work booked some meetings in over the day I had booked off (take Friday 22ndoff and make a proper weekend of it FGS), I can’t find anyone to look after my kids!  Partner’s gone fishing with mates. It requires too much preparation from me. (Try MarleySpoon or FreshEats)”

Put yourself first.  That’s what the weekend is about.  So what if someone doesn’t eat they way you’d like (or at all) for the weekend or you’re missed, see it as time when they learn all about what you do for those in your life.

However, if you don’t sign a waiver at check in or wear your wristband you may be denied access to your activity / workshop!

I’ve always adventured in to the outdoors.  I love being outside in nature. I fear not weather. In nature I get time to think and disconnect from the noise of contemporary life. Adventuring in the outdoors requires you to be prepared, learn and manage risk, and get yourself or your group out of the poo when it happens.  This has given me confidence to choose whom I want to be on my life’s journey with, the experiences I seek, the life I choose, and how I wish to interact with those around me, as well as raise my children.


In coaching career women in particular, I realised that they had given up the fight for what keeps them motivated, engaged and living the life they choose.  They placed themselves last rather than first. Getting sucked into the grind. Many have lost their identity through the many life stages we women experience – maternity leave, separation, divorce, empty nesters, family loss, redundancy, career transition.

All I wish for is that women put themselves first more often than they do right now. Recalibrate what’s important to them so they can make better decisions about who’s on their bus, who should be kicked off it, and whether they are living and working in the environments that motivate them.  

Registration is from 1.30 pm onwards on Friday 22 Feb 2019.  We will run a selection of activities, workshops and guest speakers, and have a night film once the sun sets, of adventurous, pioneering women on loan from the Adventure Travel Film Festival (which is the previous weekend!).

The master schedule will be finalised late Jan early Feb and booking on outdoor activities and workshops will open about the same time.  There will be inspirational speakers, outdoor activities and personal/ professional development opportunities on EVERY day.  As it’s Feb i.e. hot, we will schedule most of the adventure activities in the mornings!  Be prepared for early starts!

Festival closing time is 3 pm on Sunday.

There is a mock schedule on our facebook page (posted 26 Nov) @getagripofthegrind

Great question.  You’re ticket gets you

  • access to the master schedule (coming soon) from which you can plan your own personal itinerary,
  • Your festival ticket does not guarantee you a spot on your chosen activities, rather the ability to book yourself onto them,
  • If you don’t get what you’re coveting, give something a bit different a crack (dare to be bold and all that),
  • Around $300 virtual grind dollars to spend in the online store,
  • An open air cinema showing on the Friday night,
  • An evening soiree to live music on the Saturday where you can swop stories, about your experiences and get to know other festival goers,
  • Lots and lots of presentations.

No accommodation, food or beverages are included in the ticket.


We are only selling one ticket, a general admission ticket.  Your general admission ticket comes with around $300 virtual grind dollars. Purchasing this ticket does not guarantee you a spot on the activity or workshop you desire. Read on…

The virtual dollars will be released to you via a code (late Jan early Feb) that you can use to ‘buy’ a place on the activities and workshops listed and priced using virtual grind dollars in our online store. 

Each activity and workshop is capacity limited either due to health and safety (mainly outdoor activities) or for maximum impact by keeping ratio of facilitators to participants to ensuring quality outcomes for you.

Not a problem, just top up your credit card and continue shopping!

No. If you’re coming for the adventure activities only you can just book yourself in to those.  Likewise if you don’t fancy the outdoor adventure activities, you can just gorge on the personal and professional development workshops. Presentations / lectures are open for anyone to attend, no reservations needed. 

Bright is a multitude of accommodation offerings.  Anything from camping or backpacking to motels, houses and cabins.  We have some accommodation partners on our website (Bright Mystic Cottages and Chalet Lumineux) who are offering amazing deals. Otherwise you can try Brightescapes or the Visitor Information Centre.

Definitely.  All of our facilities have accessibility access options. Most of our workshops are held outdoors beneath trees. Please ring to discuss your requirements re adventure activities so our fabulous Adventure Guides can ensure your maximum participation which may require some additional preparation on their part. Sometimes however, it may not be possible to convert an activity to support someone with a disability safely. Our partners in adventure are experienced in supporting people with disabilities on their programs.

Sure. Our festival and Get a Grip of the Grind programs are designed based on the life experiences of women, personally and professionally. If you feel those experiences are relevant to you, please join in.

This is a tier three event as per the Victorian Government’s event guidelines, with whom we have registered our event. Our Victorian Government COVID checklist can be downloaded from our website. In summary, we will be requiring all festival participants to register regardless of COVID, observe social distancing and recommended hygiene practices. Currently double vaccinations are required by State Government if you wish to participate at the festival in February 2022. 

If you make it to Bright and you don’t have your own transport, let us know when you turn up and we can arrange a car pool for you. Some of the activities are up to 60 mins drive away. We car pool all the time so it’s easy facilitated.

Festival Partners & Sponsors

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