Beating the imposter syndrome on Snake Dike in Yosemite national Park

Goals that keep you, being you!

My husband mentioned

his company was holding its annual conference in San Francisco, hinting that it was only a 4 hour drive from San Francisco to Yosemite where Snake Dyke, one of the world’s best rock climbing routes of all time, is located.  What a tease!

The Doubting Thomas!

Snake Dyke is a 400m rock climbing route

It’s an intimidating naked, exposed half dome mountain and when Nick did further research, he realised he’d need a climbing buddy. He’s an experienced climber so having to hire a local guide frustrated him a little as he felt it’d take some of the fun out of the adventure experience he craved. 

Half Dome in all its magnificence

We had been climbing buddies for years, so I asked whether he would like me to come?  

He seriously doubted whether I could make it work…huff huff

what with my work, 2 school going kids and all that jazz!  I enquired, robustly…

‘If I can make it work, do you want me to be your climbing buddy?’  “Sure”, he said, bemused.  

Wife – husband discussion
The Fletcher Family

I worked out that the minimum time I needed to get from Australia to Yosemite, USA return, and fit in the climb, was 5 days.  

I needed to find someone / people to take over my duties as primary carer for our two girls for 5 days, Thurs night to Tues morning.  To take them to and from school, ensure they had their gear school, homework done, hair braided, lunches sorted, make sure the guitar was there on the right day, get them to their pseudo Aunty for the weekend, and back, and back to school for another few days.  

But I wanted it, badly wanted the climb, and badly wanted my husband to have the adventure experience he was craving.  

When my network heard what I was up to,

I had lots of offers of help from parents and friends.  I think they were enthralled to realise what I was trying to do i.e. climb some rock in the US, and were determined to help make the trip a reality. 

Practising at The Horn, Mt Buffalo National Park, Australia

Well I made it, WE made it to Yosemite.  

We started hiking at 3.30 am into the base of the Half Dome to ensure we got there first, and we did.  60 mins later there was a queue of 8 pairs waiting to climb it.  We spotted some bear prints and skat along the hike in.  We found a beautiful river, got up the route with relative ease, watched tight-rope walkers walk across a rope 1000s of meters above the valley floor, all in beautiful weather.   

As for the kids…

They loved having the school night sleepovers with their friends, doing art with their weekend guardian, and saw their parents go and do something awesome.

It would have been easy to say it was all too hard to pull myself and my husband and my kids for that matter out of the grind of our lives.  

Only I could make it happen, it was up to me.  



  • If you want it, make it happen
  • See opportunities not obstacles
  • Don’t let the grind get in the way of an amazing experience
  • Lean on your networks – they will support you.  You’ll be surprised at how much they might want to help you realise your dream
Eibhlin, CEO & Founder Get A Grip of the Grind

So no excuses, obstacles, oh woe is me. Get your ticket for the Get A Grip of the Grind festival 28 Feb to 1 Mar 2020 in Bright NE Victoria. Where there is a will there is always a way. See you there. No excuses!

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