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How to get the most out of YOU at the festival

YEAH! You’re thinking of coming. JUST DO IT!

The festival weekend is designed for women, focusing on contemporary women’s issues to encourage you, through immersive experiences, to preference self-care so you can think, choose and take sustainable actions in your life that reflect your values and encourage self-growth.  Women consistently experience the chronic symptoms of stress far more than men. This results in women being more likely to be self-critical, neglect physical health, and feel overloaded or stressed in the workplace.[1]

The benefits of the weekend are augmented by being in nature, stepping outside your comfort zone and finding a new tribe to re-engage your vibrancy so you can realise big and small ambitions. Be that personally or professionally.

This weekend is an investment in you where you learn about putting your own oxygen mask on first, so you can fully help those around you, at work or home, for the long term! Do you wish for a fulfilling life, where you leave an impact and legacy on those you care about or lead in the workplace? This weekend will reignite your ambitions and accelerate them.

Women consistently experience the chronic symptoms of stress far more than men.

Choices you'll have to make

Before the festival begins you have choices to make about what workshops, speakers and adventures to attend. You will not be able to do it all! Whilst HQ is in the town centre, you may be exploring other parts of the High Country depending on what activities you select, so be prepared to nourish yourself on the go. Be ready for hot, sunny and cold weather. Leisure gear is the go, all day and all night if you like. No power dressing! No two festivals are the same!

the speakers

Female speakers are there to inspire you to action. They will be mavericks, accidental heroines or pioneers in their own worlds. Professionals who did it their way in their industry in their chosen career or passion. Listen to their stories, ask them questions, network with them. Be inspired to do. These are 50 mins presentations run throughout each day.

the adventures

Our adventures are there to get you outdoors where you’ll gain insights into your comfort zone orientation aka risk appetite. In the hands of experts, you will be coaxed into giving the impossible a go. Trying is key at the festival. You’ll recognise how you feel when anxious or stressed and develop improved skills under pressure, resulting in new-found confidence that will supercharge your personal and professional performance. 

Previously we’ve offered caving, kayaking, archery, fly fishing, mountain bike riding, boxing. You may love it so much you’ll take it up as a hobby – that happens frequently. 


Our development workshops are magic. In previous years, people have identified their core motivators making decisions in real time to prune draining commitments from their lives. Others have discovered that they are on the path to burnout, and how they can avoid it. Psychological safety was a topic last year, impactful learning for both home and work. The importance of having the right crew around to the success of your own ambitions has always been a key theme. The right crew are crucial to confidence momentum as big and small ambitions are realised. Our career planning workshops have been instrumental in shifting participants from their current plateau, securing board positions, or reorientating their perspective of their current role. 

Day 1 – Friday

Begins on Friday afternoon with a Heroine speaker and options to partake in adventure activities or workshops. Friday evening is a BYO picnic beneath the stars. Films will showcase women on adventures somewhere around the world.

Day 2 – Saturday

The first adventure activity on Saturday starts about 7 am. You need to have your nutrition, day pack, fluid, sun protection all sorted as this is a long day. Similar to a conference, there are parallel streams of activities and workshops to choose from throughout the day. Saturday evening is a networking soiree, with cash food and bar. Again, outside under the stars and maybe around fire depending how hot it is. Time to network, share stories about your adventures, solidify friends and deeply connect with your new tribe.

Day 3 – Sunday

The last day, Sunday, starts early if you choose! A mix of adventures, workshops and speakers are on offer. This year the festival will end with a goal setting session, followed by a panel discussion, ending in a Grand Raffle for which you have to be in attendance to collect your prize. No substitutes allowed. Take the time to farewell your new found tribe until you see them again at a Get a Grip of the Grind Network event.

This year we’ll have a GRAND RAFFLE at the end the festival. Tip: If you are not present you cannot collect your winnings. No substitutes allowed!

Some tips to get the most out of the weekend

  1. Leave your ‘normal’ world behind
  2. Pace yourself
  3. Allow time to pause
  4. Get outside your comfort zone, aka
  5. Do 1 thing that scares you
  6. Bathe in nature
  7. Be inspired
  8. Turn up for the start, stay til the end
Be Yourself

1. Leave your ‘normal’ world behind

Don’t bring the family. Nada! Anyone who did, regretted it. They are constantly asked ‘When will you be back for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea? Why are you leaving again Mum? And tonight too, will you be back before I go to bed?’ This weekend is for you, no one else. The Jean Hailes 2018 Women’s Health Survey found more than 33% of women reported not getting any time for themselves on a weekly basis. Those without children also struggle to find ‘me time’, with one in two (50%) saying they don’t practice self-care enough.

This weekend is designed for you to get you away from it all. 

No partner to deal with, no children demanding your time, no work staring at you as you wander around the house, no clock, no laptop (don’t dare bring work). Trust whomever is looking after your kids / cats / dogs that all will be well. Learning to prioritize yourself is fundamental to getting a grip of the grind. No excuses to getting there or leaving early! Get organised. Pack your bag and go. Don’t look back.

 2. Pace yourself

Participating in events is all about pacing. 

Rookies (and eager beavers) tend to get super excited about all that’s on offer, and gorge. It’s easy to gorge, fill your boots, crash and burn, with so many activities, workshops and speakers. 

You’ll be exhilarated on day 1 and the morning of day 2, and maybe wain a little on Saturday afternoon and feel exhausted by Sunday. You’ll give up and head home early to the grind. Do not do that! Pace yourself to get the most out of you and the weekend. There are 11 speakers, 10-12 workshops and 10-12 activities, starlight movie, networking soiree. It’s jam packed. Pacing is key!

3. Leave time to pause

Leave time to pause, reflect, get to know others, taste great food, breathe, learn, grow, own your future! 

Remember you are here to get a grip of the grind, to invest in you. 

Take time to bask in the sunshine. Reflect. Think about what insights you’ve gained about you. Talk to those that inspire you. Engage with the facilitators and speakers.  Ponder on how the whole weekend made you feel….and how you can get more of it when you leave late on the last day potentially with an amazing prize. 

4. Get outside your comfort zone (and 5.)

5. Do 1 thing that scares you. 

You are dared. 

If that’s speaking in a group or swinging off a rope. Just do it. Get in touch with that feeling of being on the edge and then realising you can do it. It’s mind blowing, exhilarating and you’ll have lots of highly qualified guides, facilitators and festival goers urging you on as they know it’s liberating, confidence building and intoxicating.

Comfort zones are a natural state for anyone. It means less risk, possibly less anxiety and used well, headspace to think. It’s also relative to your experiences. It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised. However, it also is a plateau where we feel safe and stop learning. 

A typical comfort zone for our festival goers is falling into the “work trap” or “family trap’, or ‘guilt trip”, where we feign “busy” or “indispensable” as a way to stay in our comfort zones and avoid doing new things. Is that you?

Research shows that people who value pushing themselves out of their comfort zone are more confident, therefore more readily embrace performing tasks or experience events that push them more outside their comfort zone. Once you start stepping outside your comfort zone, in a place of productive discomfort, you learn, watch your career soar, and you live the life you choose.  

6. Bathe in Nature

So many people ask why a weekend? Why 3 days in nature? The science is becoming so rich with answers.

Beyond exercise in general, being active in nature has almost supernatural benefits for the brain and therefore our mental health. Urban, contemporary living keeps us in a steady low-grade stress response with all the background noise, attention grabbers and busyness which increases our odds of developing anxiety and mood disorders, as well as adverse physical health conditions. Put boundaries on when you will access the ubiquitous phone pinging you, and those around you.

The brain does a lot of filtering in a simulated environment, much like all the noise, pinging, traffic, chatter, obstacles that present themselves as you walk / drive. This makes it harder for the brain to think deeply. Being out in nature removes all the contemporary urban stimuli that then allows the executive office of your brain to rest, so it can rebound to top performance.

 Executive function helps with planning, organisation, inhibition, creativity, decision-making, judgement. It was the last part of our brain to evolve, and the first to shut when we’re tired.  Downtime for your brain “is an opportunity for the brain to make sense of what it has recently learned, to surface fundamental unresolved tensions in our lives and to swivel its powers of reflection away from the external world toward itself.”  

Exercise in nature also pulls the blood flow away from that part of the brain responsible for rumination!

Without all this stimuli, after about 3 days (scientifically proven), you’ll feel different, more relaxed, alive, alert, happy, and other parts of your brain will come out to play. Hence why weird connections, new ideas and realisations start popping up in your prefrontal cortex. 

7. Be inspired

You’ll meet women who have taken on state and federal laws, those who have rocked the boat in their workplace, others who are passionate about women having a louder voice in society. 

Meet pioneers, warriors, fun lovers, dare devils and those who just don’t care what the neighbours think and live the life they choose. 

Their common thread, their self-care and their passions are their priority. Perspective will appear. Role models will inspire.


 8. Turn up for the start, stay til the end

Ignore the pull of what you left behind. Every year we see people disappear after their morning activity on Sunday, keen to get back to family, partners, pets, whatever the pull is. This is your weekend. Your entitled to the whole weekend. Everything will be more or less as you left it at home. 

Step outside your comfort zone, flick off the control button and trust all will be well even if a bit dishevelled when you get home. Plus, if you leave early, this year you’ll miss the Grand Raffle packed with awesome prizes. If you’re not there, you can’t be in it to win it.

Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher portrait shot corporate
Me in a rare corporate pose!

If you like what you’re reading why not join us for our annual Get A Grip of the Grind festival held the last weekend in February in Bright, NE Victoria (26-28 Feb 2021) and get your own epiphanies. Our podcast AIFE tells tales about women who are rocking their world. As we learn to live with Covid our weekend warrior programs have recommenced as part of The AIFE Series. You can join us on one of these weekend adventures which can be found on our website.

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