I will create my own destiny

No one else will be your hero

How the Grind impacts us individually is never more obvious than when participants share their stories at the Get A Grip of the Grind retreats.  The retreats usually generate a theme of their own.  

This retreat continuously reinforced that we can, at any point in time, take 5 to reset our mind and body before we make any more decisions or put another foot forward. Period!  Nobody will miss that 5 minutes and you’ll benefit immensely from it.  The trick though, is that YOU have to take control! 

No one else will be your hero – that’s just fairytale stuff.

Eibhlin Fletcher

Pausing is as simple as stopping, taking a deep (abdominal) breath or two and substituting negative chatter with positive empowering statements.   Statements like 

I Can Do This.  I am Strong. I am Capable. I’ve Got This.

Jacinta, Narelle, Carolyn, Geraldine, April 2019 Retreat Participants

A favourite of our April retreat “I FEAR NO ONE”

Shut the door of your office.  Lie down on your bed.  Turn the lights out. Put on a blindfold. Go for a walk. Make time and space. Disconnect to reconnect with you, and what you need.

Empowering statements, or ‘power thoughts’ prolifically pepper a great resource by Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell titled ‘Chaos to Calm, take control with confidence”.  Gandhi eloquently describes the potency of power thoughts through this thought ladder: 

Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny

Mahatma Gandhi

So, to change your destiny, you must first change your beliefs to ones that empower and embolden you, not cast doubt on your ability.  

Carol Dweck, who wrote the ground breaking book Mindset states

You have a choice. Mindsets are just beliefs. They’re powerful beliefs, but they’re just something in your mind, and you can change your mind.”   

Carol Dweck

So take 5, and swop the negative chatter out with power thoughts (borrowed or create you own), and choose to reshape your destiny.

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