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Festival Ticket 2020


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Get a Grip of the Grind is an antidote to contemporary life, offering women professional development in an adventurous setting. Women are prone to putting themselves last and often taking a hit to their careers in order to raise families, over the years this erodes confidence, lowers resilience, and elevates the imposter syndrome compounded by our always-on narcissistic trending culture.  When women put themselves first, they get unwarranted labels and judgement about their choices. Put yourself first this weekend and renergise yourself.

Our festival curates fearless and unstoppable women who are living the life they choose by smashing glass ceilings in their careers and past-times shared their stories. 2019 was an AWESOME weekend of women adventurous in life and career fuelling festival-goers with energy, passion and a can-do attitude to realise their own ambitions, big or small. 2020 will be unparalleled. Early bird offer until the 1st of January 2020.

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A collection of speakers, workshops and outdoor activities fills the weekend in the foothills of the Alpine National Park.

This ticket gets you a $350 voucher (emailed with a code) for you to schedule your itinerary for the weekend based on a Master Schedule to be released in January 2020.

By purchasing a Get a Grip of the Grind Festival ticket you agree to these Ticket TERMS and CONDITIONS:

1. Get A Grip of the Grind™ tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2. Festival workshops, outdoor activities, presenters and venues are subject to change without notice.
3. The holder of this ticket voluntarily assumes all risks and danger incidental to any event for which this ticket is issued.
4. You will sign a waiver for activities, photos and video, and wear your wristband for the whole weekend.
5. Admission is on the condition that the user of the ticket agrees to take all reasonable responsibility for their safety during the event for which this ticket is issued and waives all claims against the event organisers, venues, presenters, volunteers and instructors.
6. Your General Admission pass does not guarantee any specific workshops or outdoor adventure activities.

About the Author

Eibhlin Fletcher: I thrive on daring my physical and mental boundaries in the outdoors. This has led to some amazing life experiences. I believe in ‘I can’ way more than ‘I can’t’, the journey more so than the prize. I am passionate about infusing others to dare their boundaries, challenge their self-limiting beliefs so they get closer to maximising their experiences in work and life. My blogs are usually about how adventures and endurance events can enhance your effectiveness in the workplace.

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