GAGOTG Festival 2022 – Corporate Team


Ticket includes

  • Festival tickets
  • 2-hour facilitated session OR team building event, Fri AM
  • Facilitator + topic of choice if workshop option chosen
  • Friday lunch in Bright
  • Picnic hamper for Friday night cinema showing
  • Sat night networking soiree dinner ticket
  • Accommodation for up to 6 people (twin share)
  • Additional team member option also available
  • If more than 10 in a team, please contact us directly

Additionally, each team member has to choose from

  • inspirational speakers,
  • professional development workshops, and
  • adventure activities (e.g. caving, abseiling, kayaking) to build their personal festival schedule.
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Get teams working better in our immersive professional development weekend where individuals learn about themselves as part of a team.  

Why us? Why a weekend?

Firstly, experiential experiences (not classroom ones) super boost leadership skills by exposing self-limiting beliefs and individual stress responses in real time. Consequently, individuals get to recognise their own go to behaviours that are hindering or maximising their performance. Meanwhile, colleagues realise what they they can do to get the best out of their team mate.

Secondly, we offer a very safe environment for people to try new things. Be that adventure events or professional development topics that subsequently test comfort zones, thereby expanding risk appetites. Facilitators are experts in their fields. Our adventure partners are top coaches with significant safety records and vast experience in coaxing people ‘over the edge’ so to speak.

Finally, 3 days in nature has huge benefits to the cognitive performance of the brain and has been scientifically validated as the minimum time to detox from the grind. Research says day 1 and 2 is spent wash(ing) away whatever veneer of civilization you have brought with you. The new reality begins on that third day. 2012 Creativity in the Wild.

Time in nature boosts creativity, problem solving, decision making (to name a few) whilst reducing rumination. Why wouldn’t you give this benefit to your team?

During the weekend, the team will
  • Choose a facilitator and topic for their workshop, OR
  • Opt for the dedicated team building activity
  • Have access to professional development experts
  • Participate in additional outdoor adventures
  • Expand their risk appetites
  • Check in on team communication processes
  • See their self limiting beliefs and consequences in action
  • Recognise what they need to change themselves
  • Recognise how to encourage and support others
  • Experience real leadership in action

Above all, we guarantee the team will not stop talking about their experience for the rest of the year. They will be motivated to try new things and challenge the status quo in their worlds. In addition to focusing on what keeps them and their team engaged.