GAGOTG Festival 2022 – Essential Worker Heroine


A thank you and big hug to the essential services workers who were in the grip of the grind throughout the pandemic. A perfect time out to rejuvenate yourselves, nurture your body and soul, a glorious oasis to recover for a whole weekend dedicated to you.

This is what investing in you looks like

  • Leave all responsibilities behind (nirvana)
  • Outdoor adventure experiences to taste
  • Dedicated quiet time to think for you and about you
  • Professional development opportunities galore
  • Experts to lean on, ask questions of (they are super approachable)
  • Like minded women to inspire you, lean on, ask questions of
  • New connections to make
  • Hang out in your most comfortable gear all day and night
  • 3 days in possibly the best location in Australia for a holiday
  • Gourmet food and wine region
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You have been at the frontline for so long as the world battles the pandemic. Most often silently and with great patience, and with great toll on you personally. We wish to acknowledge your dedication, even if it is your job, to getting us through COVID. This is a weekend for you, to recharge your batteries, reconnect with self, meet some amazing individuals, make new friends, refresh and reward your mind and body.

Take your pick from motivational speakers, professional development workshops, and adventure activities designed to pull you out of the grind. Maverick women who gave conventional expectations and traditional career paths the bird will inspire you.

We promise to:
  • Surround you with inspiring women to motivate you
  • Pause, in a glorious time warp, away from the grind for a whole weekend
  • Give you a safe environment to have a crack at new experiences for you
  • Rejuvenate your love for what you do
  • Learn and be nourished from a range of professional development experts
  • Coach you to adopt a more productive response to challenging situations
  • Take small or big steps on your healing journey
Why us? Why a weekend?

Firstly, threshold experiences enhance your self-awareness by exposing your self-limiting beliefs and individual stress responses in real time. Consequently, you get to recognise your own go to behaviours that are hindering your ability to realise your ambitions. 

Secondly, we offer a very safe environment for you to try new things. Be that adventure events or professional development topics that subsequently test your status quo. Facilitators are experts in their fields. Our adventure partners are top coaches with significant safety records and vast experience in coaxing people ‘over the edge’ so to speak. 

Finally, 3 days in Nature is now scientifically validated as the minimum time to detox from the grind. Research says days 1 and 2 are spent “wash(ing) away whatever veneer of civilization you have brought with you. The new reality begins on that third day.” 2012 Creativity in the Wild. 3 days with like-minded women will take you over the edge to make those decisions you know are the right ones but have been putting off for some time now.


A tip:

In our experience, it is best if you leave your family behind as they will tug at you literally and figuratively all weekend. Words of wisdom from those who tried it.