GAGOTG Festival 2022 – Mother Daughter Dedicated Weekend


A gift to your mother daughter relationship that includes:

  • Ticket includes mother and daughter (2 tickets)
  • Minimum age 18
  • 3-day weekend getaway
  • Professional Development
  • Outdoor adventure experiences
  • Inspirational maverick female speakers
  • Chatty and accessible facilitators and adventure guides
  • Personal insights leading to relationship growth
  • New connections with like-minded individuals
  • Find some new roles models
  • Early-bird pricing 1 October to 25 December 2021
  • Does not guarantee you will be in same workshops and activities
  • View the Terms & Conditions
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Invest in your every changing relationship

All mother daughter relationships are different. You are after all individuals. Just like all relationships though, it needs investment. Gift this weekend to each other. Focus on what makes your relationship good. Connect over mutual experiences in the great outdoors or in our workshops.

As a result, you will acquire some new roles models as you listen and chat with maverick women who continue to give conventional expectations and traditional career paths the bird.

Above all, your relationship will move to new heights as you see each other explore new experiences together.


We promise:

  • to surround you with inspiring women
  • to give you fun and challenging adventures to try together
  • personal and professional insights to make your relationship even stronger
  • deepen your understanding of self and your relationship with others
  • opportunities to sneak away and have some quiet time
  • get down time at our starlight showing and evening soiree
  • Memories you will share forever

Why us? Why a weekend?

Firstly, experiential experiences enhance your self-awareness by exposing your self-limiting beliefs and individual stress responses in real time. Consequently, you get to recognise your own go to behaviours that are hindering your ability to realise your ambitions.

Secondly, we offer a very safe environment for you to try new things. Be that adventure events or professional development topics that subsequently test your status quo. Facilitators are experts in their fields. Our adventure partners are top coaches with significant safety records and vast experience in coaxing people ‘over the edge’ so to speak.

Finally, 3 days in Nature is now scientifically validated as the minimum time to detox from the grind. Research says day 1 and 2 is spent “wash(ing) away whatever veneer of civilization you have brought with you. The new reality begins on that third day.” 2012 Creativity in the Wild. 3 days with like-minded women will take you over the edge to make those decisions you know are the right ones but have been putting off for some time now.

Why wouldn’t you gift this to each other?