Whitepaper: How the grind gets a grip of you and what to do about it


Get a Grip of the Grind had its genesis in a multitude of coaching sessions with those in leadership positions. They had sought help for lots of different reasons; seeking improved leadership skills, dealing with high workloads, supporting difficult staff, first time leaders, or displaying challenging behaviour that was impeding their career path.

However, they all had a common thread. They were constantly sacrificing what kept them motivated: their piano time, riding, running, playing whatever it was that re-energising their batteries. Equally, their sleep was diminished with long days, worrying about work and their compromised family time; similarly their nutrition, going for the easy grab in a time-poor day. They were grinding their way through the day, every day, perpetuating a sense of being lost.

This literature review of scientific papers exploring health, brain function, performance, the impact of nature and lifestyle choices, as well as and societal expectations takes the reader through the journey of loss of identity, burnout and recovery for women in Australia.

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Modern life can be tough. Competition is fierce, life is complex, the pace is fast. As women, we navigate careers, education, travel, relationships, expectations … Each of these takes time and energy, adding to our mental load.

Something has to give.

We cut back on me-time. We sacrifice exercise, sleep and nutrition, incrementally cutting out the very things that enable us to be ourselves and climb our mountains – whatever they may be. We don’t have the headspace for adventure, so we forget how amazing it feels to face our fears and overcome obstacles – of being strong in our bodies and minds. We lose the boldness, the bravery, the fearlessness we once had in favour of routine. We find ourselves looking back at our achievements rather than towards them.

This is the grind.

Read about it in our seminal paper and how to get a grip of it. Better still, join us at our annual festival, the last weekend in February in Bright NE Victoria and be inspired to action.

Written by

  • Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher Founder and CEO Get A Grip of the Grind;
  • Vicky Jamieson, Wellness & Vitality Guru;
  • Katrina Streatfeild, Clinical and Practising Psychologist (PhD candidate); and
  • Jessica Trijsburg Equitable Inclusion and Community Resilience (PhD candidate).


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