Show notes: Manoeuvring Relationship When Cabin Fever Sets In


The show notes for this webinar give great tips on how to

  • Engage with your kids using the 8 second rule and personal buckets
  • How to bring vulnerability into your relationship with others
  • Moving your behaviours and those of others out of the Dreaded Drama Triangle to The Empathetic Dynamic

The show notes were written by Katrina Streatfeild, clinical and practising psychologist and Laurice Temple of The Ripple Affect Institute.

This webinar gives you insights and tips for any situation where you feel you’ve had enough of those around you, whether that’s family or key relationships in your personal or work lives.

In this webinar Katrina and Laurice focus on three key areas:

  1. Children, their attention bucket and their power bucket both which need daily filling
  2. Partners and significant relationships where the emphasis is on the work by David Emerald recognising and moving ourselves (and others) from the drama triangle to one where an empathetic dynamic gets productive results for all
  3. Finally, how self care makes point 1 and 2 doable day in, day out. Some insightful advice on not getting confused between self care being selfish or doing it as part of an obligation activity i.e. family time.

The webinar also includes a mini framework to ensure you are getting enough self care in 4 key categories to refuel you so you’re resourceful on a daily basis as you interact with others.

Tip, self care is the foundational piece in this webinar.  If you are not prioritising recharging your batteries you are never going to be in a position to truly give the right support to the key people in your life. Consider self care your oxygen mask.


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