Show notes: The importance of Rituals in the New Grind


This guide offers tips on

  • How to say no respectfully, as you
  • Set boundaries and clarify expectations
  • Nutrition for body and brain
  • Self care rituals on waking, throughout the day and to ensure you get a good night’s sleep
  • Nutrition for Shiftworkers

Content written and collated by Eibhlin Fletcher of Get A Grip of the Grind, and Vicky Jamieson of BetterBody

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In our webinar ‘the importance of Rituals in the New Grind’, we explored the difference between routine and rituals, which evolved into the importance of clarifying expectations, setting boundaries as well as the importance of nutrition for the brain and body, and sleep.

We developed a guide to help with these four aspects of anchoring rituals about self-care to ensure we are in peak condition to respond to work and life’s challenges as we go through our daily lives. In short, you need to learn to put your own oxygen mask on first and stop sacrificing your time to others.

You can listen to the webinar here.

This guide is free to download for 10 days.


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