With a collective six kids between them, aged 4-14 years, the majority of Di & Samm’s time is committed to keeping the wheels of family life ticking over.  In August 2019 they decided to step away from The Grind, and disappear for the ultimate girls week away. Run Larapinta, a four day Stage Race running segments of The Larapinta Trail with a collective distance of 85km of offroad, became their goal. Whilst the landscape in the Red Centre can be brutally harsh it was the journey there that challenged them.  Juggling the kids sport/dance/social commitments, work, husbands, one cat and a dog resulted in a few temper tantrums along the way. The kids had tantrums too. Hear a warts and all, and slightly amusing story about their journey to Run Larapinta. Thanks to www.Mattharveyphoto.com for the images.  First year participants at the festival, second year story tellers!!!