Emily teaches a style of yoga that blends building strength with a softer more meditative side. She focuses above all on the connection between body, breath and mind and inviting students to ground themselves in the present moment, in order to uncover deeper layers of their selves.

Through academic study, deep inner examination and a heart full of compassion, Emily has come to the realisation that her purpose is to inspire people to set powerful intentions and make positive change for themselves and in the world, by helping them to create deeper connections with their own body-mind, each other and the earth. Emily remains passionate about human rights and social justice and also committed to living a sustainable, ethical, healthy life.

After living in Melbourne (working as a University manager) for over 10 years, Emily made a lifestyle move to the mountains of North East Victoria. She lives with her husband and two young children in the small country town of Wandiligong, near Bright, where she loves to ski, run trails, rock climb, hike, swim, grow food and teach yoga locally and on transformative retreats.