Helen is my role model as I track her enviable adventures on facebook. Being the first female on the stock exchange floor in Australia made Helen tough, her adventure activities made her tougher.  She spent a good part of her career as a senior executive in the share broking / merchant banking industry realising the importance of work life balance way before it was a contemporary expectation. In between dealing in millions of dollars a day, she fought to retain what was left of her sanity by indulging in adventurous activities, including kayaking the Arctic Ocean, sailing her yacht and trekking more countries than she can remember.  Approaching her 74th year (YEP LADIES!!!) Helen is still an active sailor, kayaker, caver, hiker, abseiler, chef, mother, grandmother and wife.  She still takes an interest in the financial markets whilst occasionally working as a hiking guide in the Australian Alps. If she can’t get you buzzed about being active in the great outdoors, no one will. It was hard choosing her profile picture!