When Nathalie let go of a baggage she carried for 20 years, the breakthrough wasn’t so much the letting go as it was the realisation that she didn’t want to let the baggage go. She realised how the baggage (story), not the event itself, but the story she had created around the event had shaped her whole life. She understood how her identity was intertwined with that story. She was the story and the story was her, and the scary part was she didn’t know who she was without it. That story brought her comfort, it gave her a frame where she knew the rules. The thing is, like every frame, the story also gave her limits, and to realise her dreams, she needed to become bigger than that story. She needed to break out of it, to become storyless so she could write a new one.


Nathalie has helped many people regain control, remove self-doubt and anxiety, relieving them of emotional burdens and leading them to achieve their most fulfilled life. She believes that WE are responsible for OUR experience of life.​ Not those we try and blame for how we feel and experience like.


Nathalie runs Quality Mind programs, where you learn the tools to move past unproductive stories that are limiting your personal growth, and help you deepen your intimate relationships, develop flourishing careers, experience life how you wish it. The tools will help you eliminate blockers consistently, forever. Today, Nathalie lives a story (her dream) that enables her to witness the transformation in the lives of her clients as they fall in love with themselves unconditionally, learn to trust themselves, forgive themselves and reconnect with their soul, their purpose and their dreams. She’s giving you the opportunity to learn snippets of her transformational tools at our festival in 2020 so you can write the story you wish to live for the rest of your life.


Website: https://www.stellarminds.com.au

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Instagram: @nathalie_stellar_minds