Sowing seeds of kindness, strength, hope, and purpose: you name it, that’s what drives Rosalyn. We all have moments every day where we can have a positive impact on others. Growing these moments and using our own unique skill set is what Rosalyn loves to foster. Helping facilitate accomplishment and meaning is part of her innate interest in seeing people thrive mentally and socially.


As a passionate Performing and Visual Arts educator, for over thirty years, Rosalyn has experienced first-hand the benefits and profound impacts of people stepping outside their comfort zone. Her experience in the direction of performances and productions has highlighted the importance of play, accomplishment and wonder. 


Rosalyn’s engaging presentation style is borne out of her desire for authenticity in relationships. She enjoys working with people of all ages and a genuine interest and empathy for people and their stories. 


Rosalyn’s current studies in the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing extends this, together with her own life experience, into evidence based practice.  Rosalyn has teamed up with Laurice to further the Ripple Affect Institute’s depth in the Positive Psychology and Wellbeing offer to our clients. She co-facilitate the Recalibrating your Compass workshop at the festival with Laurice.


Rosalyn is a collaborating consultant to the Ripple Affect Institute.