Family got in the way last year. This year she’s booked the flights and is on her way!

Sharon lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland and is a digital nomad. She’s been house and pet sitting her way from one end of the coast to the other since early 2018. Sharon’s 30+ year career (that’s a really long time, right?) in business, project management and data analysis has taken her from technical writing to programming and data designing her way through lots of cool stuff. Because of this hyper-nerdy bent, she’s worked on projects with robotics for the food industry through to Emergency Triple Zero (ambulance) where she used data to help dispatchers get better at their jobs…. Saved a few lives along the way (she’s pretty proud of that).


Along the way, Sharon took an $80k business and turned it into a $2m one within 4 years. Plus she studied Psychology at UNE and then followed that up with Solution Focused Coaching. Let’s just say she likes to keep busy (read hectic).


Sharon is also a sober alcoholic in long-term recovery.  She’s 172% (means completely) committed to working with women who have addictions and/or have loved ones or colleagues who suffer from addiction. She’s spent years behind bars (the prison kind not just the boozy kind) working with women who suffer from addiction and are affected by domestic violence. Lucky for Sharon they’ve always let her out.


She’s been busily working with Trudy Rankin educating women on the vagaries of menopause.  you can checkout their website here