Vicky’s goal in life is to empower women over 40 years to have confidence in who they are, while looking vibrant, with energy that glows from within, educating them on how to listen to their body, know the signs of fatigue, stress and impaired gut health, while learning & implementing personalised holistic strategies to help with normal, busy lives.


She also happens to be a Skin and Well-Being Expert, specialising in a holistic approach to natural anti-ageing, hormone balancing through nutrition & helping women achieve sustained energy. She is a highly qualified Beauty Therapist, Holistic Aromatherapist & Skin Nutritionist, with more than 28 years experience in the beauty, health and well-being industry. She has owned & run a successful beauty & wellness business in New Zealand for more than 20 years, and currently operates a clinic, both globally, online and locally in Sandringham, Melbourne. 


Vicky provides result-based Oxygen Infusion Facials which naturally boosts collagen after stress and changing hormones accelerate the ageing process, causing premature lines and sagging. She offers personalised well-being and skin nutrition consultations, 28 day online programs; group workshops, and mentoring. Vicky has written articles in well-being magazines, been interviewed on EHealthRadio and recently appeared on Melbourne’s local Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle TV show. She can be engaged for seminars on specialist skin nutrition to Supercharge Your Lifestyle along with personalised strategies & corporate wellness talks.


In her spare time, she participates in Triathlon, is active in a specialised training group and has 2 grown up children over 18. She also loves interior design, gardening and personal development of any kind.

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