The AIFE Series

Iphone image by Eibhlin with friends, Elizabth, Sharon, Wendy, Bernadette, Madi. Early morning run on Razorback Ridge, Mt Hotham

Named after an ancient Irish female warrior, Aife, (pronounced EEE-fa) was a talented and fearless figure. Being Irish makes her extra awesome! She’s the inspiration for this program designed to tame fears, find your fierce, get more out of life or reignite your vibrancy. Try all or cherry pick from the series of events carefully curated to synergistically boost your zest for living a bigger life.

This year we have 4 events, 2 seminars or Tweaks, and 2 adventures. Deets below.

Supercharge your Lifestyle

With the right approach to food, nutrients and movement alongside a healthy mindset you can perform at a higher capacity with better outcomes in strategic planning, relationships, negotiating, managing workload and feeling resilient.

Learn how food is different from nutrients. What to eat and drink as stress levels increase, plus what supports hormonal and cortisol equilibriums for better sleep, improved patience & performance at work. Mental health is rapidly becoming a priority for employers and business owners.  Our always-on contemporary culture where women are expected to juggle it all is testing our limits. Under stress what you eat, when, along with movement will either dampen or boost your personal and professional performance.  

Learn from Vicky how to tame your fight-or-flight response, fuel your brain, set yourself up for a good sleep and get the most out of your day.  Your host, Vicky Jamieson, will share her wisdom and science on how to induce your calm.

Scheduled for the 5th of September at Curate Space, Melbourne CBD. Doors open at 6 pm for a 6.30 pm start. Tickets $45 unless you’re an alumni. Message me for your promo code.

Book tickets to Vicky here

Health and Vibrancy Guru Vicky Jamieson of Better Body

Quality Mind

In a world where stress, pressure, depression and anxiety are at an all time high, Nathalie is dedicated to helping people grow personally and lead successful lives with a healthy mind, and a clear and loving sense of self. She has helped hundreds of individuals regain control, remove self-doubt and anxiety, relieving them of emotional burdens and leading them to achieve their most fulfilled life.

Nathalie uses Quality Mind, a powerful attitudinal system, originally practiced by Elite Athletes to manage pressure, that you can apply to remove unresourceful habits that are holding you back from reaching your potential or living the life of your dreams.

She has helped hundreds of individuals regain control, remove self-doubt and anxiety, relieving them of emotional burdens and leading them to achieve their most fulfilled life. Today she uses the Quality Mind programs to create faster and deeper transformation for her clients. 

Nathalie Giventi is giving us 2 hours where you will learn some simple mindset tools to consistently and forever transform your life. 

Scheduled for the 17th of October at The Hub, 80 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands in The Glasshouse. Doors open at 6 pm for a 6.30 pm start. Tickets $45 unless you’re an alumni. Message me for your promo code.

Book your tickets to Quality Mind here.

Nathalie Giventi, Mind Mentor

The Northwall Challenge

Are you enough to meet the 300 m, multi pitch abseil down the face of the Northwall, Mt Buffalo in Bright NE Victoria? 

First up is a 160 metre single pitch descent to Fuehrer’s Ledge. Then three 40 to 50 Metre “twin- rope” pull down descents to the bottom of the cliff. A scramble down the cliff base gets us to our lunch point on Crystal Brook where we can look straight back up onto some of the major rock climbs on the Northwall. 

After lunch, we mountaineer / rock climb back to the top up the South Wall which is a major adventure in itself, about 4 hours of effort there alone. The day takes about 6 to 9 hours dependent on the group and the conditions, and your level of fitness. 

If you’ve never abseiled please give us a call to discuss some training which can be done on the Friday. We’ll have a seminar on mindset on Friday night, and yoga/mediation on Sunday morning. Adventure Guides Australia are our partners.

Itinerary and inclusions:

Arrive Bright Friday night for a seminar on mindset and channeling your fears. Rise to an early breakfast Saturday morning before we meet the Adventure Guides at the top of Mt Buffalo. Sunday is a leisurely breakfast followed by some yoga or meditation which is optional. The weekend will finish around 12 noon leaving plenty of time to check out Bright or have lunch locally.

Accommodation, breakfasts and a casual dinner on Friday night, lunch on Saturday and equipment are included in the price. Dinner is a restaurant booking on Saturday night. 

A minimum of 6 people are required for the activity to go ahead.

Scheduled for the 7th and 8th of December, in Bright NE Victoria. A kit list will be provided. $750 all inclusive save dinner on Saturday night.

Book The Northwall Challenge direct with me at [email protected]

Rock Goddess Hannah Mitchell of Adventure Guides Australia will be leading this adventure.

Finding your Fierce

Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher, Executive Coach and avid outdoor enthusiast and Katrina Streatfeild, Psychologist and dirt bike rider have joined forces to help women reboot or supercharge their fierce. 

In this 2-day program, you will learn about fear, bravery, how to tame one and boost the other, all whilst learning to ride motor bikes with one of the best in the business, Paul and Jade Bray of Trailexperiences. Farkkkkk!!!! I can’t wait for this one!

What’s included: 

Held in the Macedon Ranges, only 90 mins from Melbourne, this immersion weekend will make your feel like you can conquer the world, and drive improved performance in the workplace or play! 

To be scheduled for 2020. Arrive Friday night, dinner can be provided on request. Accommodation is included, as are meals Saturday and Sunday, save Sunday evening meal.  Motorbikes, equipment and clothing inclusive.  

Bookings not open yet ;-(

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