WEBINAR - 14th June 2020

Manoeuvring family and
relationships when cabin fever sets in

Hands up if you’re experiencing some sort of cabin fever? Maybe you’ve lost just a wee bit of love for your family members that have morphed in to demons recently.  This doesn’t just relate to cabin fever.  What do you do when you’ve had enough of someone? Whilst we are fundamentally social creatures, forced confinement or regular proximity can get the better of even the most social of us. Creating the environment you want, changing it up regularly, as well as learning how to navigate grumpy personas are key tactics to coming out stronger when close proximity or regular contact is over. We may even learn something more about ourselves throughout the experience.

Presenters & Guests

Eibhlin Fletcher

Director and coach at Get a Grip of the Grind

Katrina Streatfeild

Practising counseling and clinical psychologist

Laurice Temple

Non-executive board director & founder of Ripple Affect Institute (RAI)

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