Winter overnight Hike to Mt Feathertop

5-7 August 2022

Mount Feathertop via Bungalow Spur is a 21.4km, Grade 3 return hike located in Alpine National Park, North East Victoria. The total climb on this hike is 1727 m. Bungalow Spur track was originally built for pack horses and tractors that serviced the hotel that used to be near the top of the spur. It’s a well-defined track, with a few streams to cross and a lot of elevation to gain. Mt Feathertop is the second highest peak in Victoria standing at 1898m tall. The views are unforgettable.

The hike will take 4 – 5 hours from Harrietville up Bungalow Spur to the popular Federation Hut where we will camp overnight in tents we carried. There’ll be a pre-dawn hike to Mt Feathertop to view the sunrise. A moment in time not to be missed. Then the return hike to Harrietville will commence. It is essentially a two-day hike with an overnight camp at Federation hut in potentially wet and cold conditions. Be prepared.

Price: $680 pp


Your guides will be Dr. Jeannette McGill of Adventure Guides Australia and Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher, Founder Get A Grip of the Grind.

Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher

Dr. Jeannette McGill


A detailed kit list will be sent to you once your register for the hike.  It is a self-supported hike where you are responsible for your own gear, to be carried in your own waterproof back pack.  You’ll need some woollen base & mid layers, beanie, gloves and a waterproof outer jacket with a hood.  Solid shoes preferably waterproof. You’ll need a sleeping mat or two (if you feel the cold) a decent sleeping bag -5 deg C, and a tent (we’ll provide), your own bowl/cup, cutlery. Possibly a spare pair of boots and change of clothes for the campsite. Your personal medication, toiletries, head torch. We’re planning to ascend Feathertop for sunrise. Woo hoo! Speak to us about renting tents, sleeping bags, mats before you buy anything. Depending on what the weather is like we may even have a play with ice axes and snow shoes.


Trail Food & Drinks for when moving: Please do not underestimate your nutrition.  You need to provide your own trail snacks and lunch – enough for 4 – 5 hours out and on the return hike the following day. Good nutrition is the difference between a great, fun, exhilarating experience and a miserable trudge! Give me a call if you’d like to discuss. You will need to carry your own water / electrolyte for both days.

Sat night dinner will be provided. Please bring your own camp breakfast. Hot water / tea / coffee / hot chocolate is provided.


You will need a decent level of fitness to be able to spend 4 – 5 hours hiking up to Mt Feathertop from Harrietville. It’s a Grade 3 hike of approximately 10.5 km each way with 1700 m approx. of elevation to gain.  There will be plenty of rest breaks on the hike.

If you’ve gotten a bit lazy during lockdown, get out regularly walking with a 8 kg backpack, and or running. It would be great if you could run around 5-10 km regularly, or shoot up lots of flights of stairs routinely.


  • Meet at in Harrietville Saturday morning at 9.00 am for a briefing and gear assessment.
  • Commence hike approximately 10.30 am
  • Reach Federation Hut 3.30 pm latest
  • Set up camp and group evening meal (provided)
  • Glorious sleep
  • Pre-dawn hike up Mt Feathertop
  • Breakfast
  • Pack down camp, and descend to Harrietville by approx 3 pm on Sunday afternoon
  • We will not run the event if the conditions are unsafe for both the ascent and descent.

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