The North Wall challenge

3-5 December 2021

This is not a trip for the faint hearted! First up is a 160 metre single pitch descent to Fuehrer’s Ledge. Then three 40 to 50 Metre “twin- rope” pull down descents to the bottom of the cliff. A scramble down the cliff base gets us to our lunch point on Crystal Brook where we can look straight back up onto some of the major rock climbs on the Northwall whilst munching on your lunch by the brook.

After lunch, we mountaineer / rock climb back to the top up the South Wall which is a major adventure in itself, about 4 hours of effort there alone. This is not a simple hike!!! The day takes about 6 to 9 hours dependent on the group and the conditions, and your level of fitness.

Price: $695 pp


Your guides will be Adventure Guides Australia and Eibhlin Fletcher, Get A Grip of the Grind founder.

Me at the top of Half Dome after finishing Snake Dike

Dr. Eibhlin Fletcher

Abseiling on Mt Buffalo at 2019 festival

Hannah Mitchel of Adventure Guides Australia


A detailed kit list will be sent to you once your register for the expedition. It is a self-supported expedition where you are responsible for your own gear, to be carried in your own back pack. Your personal medication, toiletries, head torch (it may be dark on the latter part of the hike out). Speak to us about renting gear before you buy anything.

To keep it simple, feel free to leave behind make-up, jewellery and anything else that you may wear if you were dressing to impress. It’s a daggy weekend! It will take 6 – 9 hours from start to finish. The hike out of the Gorge is about 3 – 4 hours. Layering is great as it may be a bit chilly at the start and end of the day. We do recommend you bring a jacket, beanie and gloves. Trail shoes are a great option for this activity. 


Trail Food & Drinks for when moving: Please do not underestimate your nutrition.  You need to provide your own trail snacks (we do lunch) – enough for a very long day out, up to 9 hours. Good nutrition is the difference between a great, fun, exhilarating experience and a miserable trudge! Give me a call if you’d like to discuss. You will need to carry your own water / electrolyte for both days. Friday night dinner will be provided, Saturday night is a restaurant booking as a reward for a hard day out. This is not included in your ticket.


The day takes about 6 to 9 hours dependent on the group and the conditions, and your level of fitness. You do need to be used to working 5 kms at a brisk pace and scrambling over obstacles. If your fitness level or comfort in the dirt or scrambling around rocks is of concern, give me a call to discuss as soon as you can. Now is the time to commit to getting a bit more serious about your fitness regime.


  • Arrive Bright on Friday to dinner at the Brewery
  • Meet the Adventure Guides on Mt Buffalo early!
  • If you’ve never abseiled before please get in touch asap
  • Launch ourselves off the North Wall early morning
  • Lunch by Crystal Brook – lunch provided
  • Hike and scramble out and up by the South wall.
  • Saturday night dinner in a restaurant, and some well deserved drinks
  • Yoga and expedition debrief along with breakfast on Sunday morning
  • Head home around 12 noon

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