The Retreat

Career and Personal Goals biannual 3.5 day immersion

Born of 18 months of coaching sessions where a pattern of lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of exercise coupled with not being outdoors nor feeding one’s mojo showed our clients were feeling the impact of the GRIND.  ​

On researching the GRIND, we realised it is impeding people’s performance at work by compromising their executive functions; that part of the brain used for planning, decisions, judging, creativity, inhibition.  ​

So we designed a 3.5 day retreat of personal introspection and adventure where people will deepen their awareness of their beliefs and motivators, their strengths and limitations and how to explore more of their potential to have the impact at work they desire.

Program Assets include:

  • Energy level assessment
  • Motivators report
  • Self limiting belief exposure
  • Nature filled environment
  • Outdoor adventure activities
  • Short and long-term goal setting
  • Private coaching sessions
  • Personal development plan 
  • Support Crew
  • Accommodation, food & wine

Email: [email protected] for the brochure

Experience glamping under the milky way


“She surprised herself by some of the insights it gave her in to her leadership style.  Since the program, she is more considered in the way she approaches challenges; rather than jumping in at full speed, she is asking more questions of her team and bringing them in.  Further, she has re-engaged with her love of sport and the outdoors after ignoring this whilst focusing solely on her career.  I know this makes her happier and more productive at work – we have all noticed the change and I look forward to my next Executive member participating in the program”  

Liz Compton, CEO LanguageLoop
Get mentally challenged by our program activities