What keeps me, me?

When you’re young, people tell you, you can do anything.  We forget this when we become adults.  As a uni student I distinctly remember not wanting to get a job in my early 20s, as I didn’t want to become an adult.  For me that was taking on a job, then a car loan, then a mortgage, potentially settling down, getting stuck in the grind.  

Away goes my adventurous life!


So I applied to spend another 3 years in university!  God I loved being a student, not because of the learning, (chemistry was tough) but because of the myriad sports clubs and trips available to me.  I was away at weekends, camping in remote places, learning to ski and snowboard, loving playing soccer. I still crave new places, new experiences, being fit, and pushing my boundaries, being out of my comfort zone.  

That part of me has never changed.  It’s my core.

A childhood dream to represent my country in a sport was realised in my 4th decade at the World Duathlon Champs, Adelaide.

Getting married didn’t affect my core identity to a large degree.  However, having kids put some dents in it. Kids didn’t stop me wanting what I wanted, they only affected the frequency I had those experiences.  They did however, alter the reasons I craved those experiences.  Through watching and listening to me talking about my experiences, I trusted my daughters would learn to appreciate risk, develop resilience, become responsible to themselves and others, learn not to be afraid of the unknown, and realise that usually grit is required to get what you desire. 

My first 100km, Duncan’s Run 100.
My first encounters with snakes in the wild too!

My thirst for ultramarathons, adventure racing, mountain biking or any activity I throw myself into isn’t just about being fit.  

It’s the time when I’m truly me.  Not Mum, Wife, Daughter, just me!  Making my own decisions, dealing with the consequences for myself, putting my effort in to complete the journey, testing my potential and resolve, dealing with obstacles and learning about myself as I go.  


With the onset of kids I had to reframe my goals into more experiences than achievements i.e. instead of training to race for podium positions, I train so I can really experience the journey leading into the event, and cross that finish line.  I pick one or two mega events per year now, and slot in others when some time opens up.  It works.  And gives my family space for their passions too.

I like to think I can still do anything, despite what my body, my peers and society might tell me.  I won’t stop moving, dreaming, testing boundaries or conventions, or putting me first for a few times a year! 


My 5 Tips to Keep your Goals intact

  1. Identify your goal and share it around – the more of your network that knows about it, the better.  It’s harder to back out that way.  Get a team mate if you need one.
  2. Prepare to succeed by setting up the journey of successive small goals leading to the big one.
  3. Don’t get hung up on whether it happens this year, some of my goals got moved around so much it took a few years to make them happen.
  4. Don’t forget to look back at how far you’ve come.
  5. Believe in ‘I can’ way more than ‘I can’t’.
  6. Persist.  

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Second daughter having a crack at a mini adventure race with me.

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